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Train to achieve them.

Introducing the Top 100

 Performance Training App.


With the Top 100 Performance Training App, you get strength and conditioning strategies to train any aspect of your game, without having to pay for expensive personal training or equipment.

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Train on your schedule

Academic and sport commitments make
it challenging to squeeze in training. Put your scheduling conflicts at ease with our on-demand workouts.

Workouts designed just for you

Customized and dynamic training sessions based on age, experience, sport, position, & performance goals.

Take your training with you

In season, off season, inside or on the field, put together circuit workouts that take advantage of where you are and when you time to focus on training.

Easy to use

Our quick onboarding enables you to jump into workouts tailored to your needs within minutes, and it’s easy to navigate with clear guidance by established trainers.

INdividualized training strategies

Once we capture your metrics to see where you rank in the Top 100, our Performance Training app can specifically target specific areas for improvement.

  • Explore circuits designed for where you need to improve
  • Jump into a session anywhere, anytime
  • Dozens of programs to keep you fresh and focused
  • Tailor your routines as you improve and grow

The road to the top 100 games starts here.

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